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For all inquiries, we offer a free consultation which will allow us to meet with you and discuss your individual needs as well as meeting with your pet and getting to know them, and determining their unique requirements. This will involve a short, simple meeting which can be done at your own home, and is required (and essential) before the commencement of your first booking.

It is our job to keep your pet safe – we want to know as much about them so that we can give them the best time whilst they are in our care. It will allow you the opportunity to ask us questions as well!

Questions we will ask will include the following:

How long have you known your pet?

Are there any medical/dietary requirements?

Has there been a history of aggression towards other dogs/people?

How long do you usually walk them? What is their usual route?

What was the date of their last flea/worm treatment?

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