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All dogs need walking! It is proven that if your dog is sufficiently stimulated and exercised they will be happier, less destructive and more obedient. As your dog walker, we take them on a walk in their local Derby area for at least 40 minutes as standard (or less, depending on their needs). We always try to vary the walks by taking them on both street and park walks. Luckily Derby has lots of parks which are perfect for dog walking! We also dry their paws and coat if they get wet, spend time playing with them in their home environment, settle them down, change their water and feed them if you require. We also do anything else needed to keep them happy and healthy.

The dogs in our care all given individual, one to one attention. This is why we walk our dogs  individually or with their family members if part of the same household. At your request, dogs can be walked in groups of two or three to help with socialisation. We can take care of dogs of all breeds, ages and size and understand that all dogs have their own unique requirements. Our own dog is a 9-stone Rhodesian Ridgeback, so are more than comfortable with larger breeds!

Please note that any dogs requiring our services must have had up-to-date worming and flea treatment. We do not insist on up to date vaccinations as we understand that all owners have different views on this. Regrettably we are not be able to walk dogs with a history of, or with, aggression towards people.

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